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Simply Noahide | Book Review

Author: Veronica Port


TMC Book Review

The book, Simply Noahide, serves as a resource for individuals who have transitioned from Christianity to become Torah adherent Noahides. It offers an introductory guide on what it means to be a Noahide, as well as practical advice on navigating the potential challenges that may arise along the way. While the book excels in many aspects, there are a few areas that would benefit from further elaboration. Particularly, in the chapter discussing holidays, the author takes a firm stance on the topic of "Christmas," emphasizing that regarding its celebration, "There will be no Christmas decorations, no presents, and no special meal with family and friends." Not all Noahides share this view and perspective. The presence of idolatrous elements within certain versions of the Christmas holiday celebration seems to be the reason for the author's position against the holiday. This perspective is tailored towards addressing the specific concerns and weaknesses of the book's target audience (ex-Christians). Overall, this book presents a quick and effortless reading experience, making it highly accessible to all.


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