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Winter Craft - DIY 3D Light Experience


white paper 3D heart diffraction glasses, white modeling clay, building blocks, mini fairy light, markers


Step 1 - Take your blocks and modeling clay and build anything you'd like to!

Step 2 - Use markers to color modeling clay. (Tip: You can break your modeling clay into sections, and then color your modeling clay. Once you color it, then massage it together just as you would if you were rolling cooking dough, and your piece of dough will now be a new color. Then combine your colored dough with the rest of your creation).

Step 3 - Drape your completed creation in your mini fairy light. You must remove paper tab from fairy light to activate it. There is an on and off switch.

Step 4 - Now it's time to color your 3D glasses! Color your glasses with anything that represents who you are, or what you like.

Step 5 - Turn on your fairy lights, and look through your glasses and you will see your creation covered in hearts. Enjoy a beautiful winter.


Inside of you is the potential to spread light and morality, if you could only see that you are also a 3D person. What does that mean? It means that within you are many generations to come. Learn to love yourself exactly the way you were created. You can learn more about your 3D potential by reading this story, or watch the video


• Your kit includes supplies that may become a choking hazard for children if used improperly or placed in mouth. Do not leave children unattended during the assembly and use of this craft.


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