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The Life & Moral Development Center by TMC

Whether you know it or learn it, choose to live it. Live morally .™️

Solving Moral Dillemas

Solve moral dilemmas fairly, using problem solving techniques without the interference of politics. Use reason, logic, science, philosophy, and Torah wisdom to find real solutions to, and to gain a balanced perspective about personal, interpersonal and other problems in our world.

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Being human is a responsibility.

In order to contribute to society, one must first seek to understand who they are and their purpose in life.

Education on how to have a functional family is critical in the development of healthy societies.

Communities are made up of individuals and families. Understanding that each individual and family, outside of our own, deserves to be treated with respect will help to build cooperation. 

When fair laws and systems of government are instituted, justice can be upheld. Taking an interest in our local government and systems will help to build successful societies.

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