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TMC | Life & Moral Development 

Each person has an internal moral compass. Your internal moral compass is a natural guide to help you achieve moral character. However, our positive intrinsic qualities can easily be destroyed or corrupted by the negative or immoral influences, experiences, and information around us. It can also be altered or destroyed when there are mental impairments. Author and commentator Dennis Prager once said, "Much of the world's moral compass is broken. The moral north reads south, and the moral south reads north". Different people develop different moral values as they go through life.


A person's moral values may even shift and change from moment to moment. But objective morality examines what is true and fair for everyone at all times. Objective morality considers the well-being of both the individual and the collective. Leaders and legislators who cultivate a healthy moral compass can help their societies to establish fair and appropriate laws of governance. The pursuit of peace and justice within society must be a team effort. And moral families and communities are ones which promote truth, safety, respect, and peace.

At TMC (The Moral Community), the Life & Moral Development center, it is our mission to help you explore, and rebuild or repair your personal moral compass by sharing knowledge from various sources of wisdom. You will learn about the positive impact that your moral character can have on your personal life and on the world around you. 
TMC is not an organized religion or religious institution. 


TMC utilizes reputable academic sources and rational ideas to explore the topic of moral behavior, taking into account observable and measurable data. And while we are not a Jewish organization, we often integrate traditional Torah teachings on ethical and moral conduct. We do so because the Torah and Judaism may contain one of the world's largest compendium of instructions on the subject. The Jewish community's remarkable and outstanding achievement of preserving, through the Torah, knowledge of moral and ethical standards of conduct, in the face of frequent social adversity is why we have incorporated the "Genesis rainbow  covenant" and the Hebrew "Star of David" symbol into our logo.


Our ultimate objective is to offer educational guidance for achieving a happier and more fulfilled life through the embrace of moral living, irrespective of whether one is already familiar with or just discovering it. Live morally.


Solving Moral Dillemas

Solve moral dilemmas fairly, using problem solving techniques without the interference of politics. Use reason, logic, science, philosophy, and Torah wisdom to find real solutions to, and to gain a balanced perspective about personal, interpersonal and other problems in our world.

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Being human is a responsibility.

Stay Connected Crafts

In order to contribute to society, one must first seek to understand who they are and their purpose in life.

Education on how to have a functional family is critical in the development of healthy societies.

Communities are made up of individuals and families. Understanding that each individual and family, outside of our own, deserves to be treated with respect will help to build cooperation. 

When fair laws and systems of government are instituted, justice can be upheld. Taking an interest in our local government and systems will help to build successful societies.

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