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The Moral Community

Each person was created with an internal and universal moral compass. Your moral compass is a fundamental guide to help you develop moral relationships. It also helps each society in the establishment of moral laws of governance. We believe that true morality is objective and universal, in that it regards the overall well-being of the entire world. Humanity is a team sport and the universal nature of true morality reveals that our actions may in fact affect others. Moral societies are ones which promote safety, peace, and respect for the people around you and the world we live in.

At TMC (The Moral Community) it is our mission to help you as you explore and recalibrate your moral compass by shining a light on the knowledge and wisdom all around you. You will learn about the positive impact that moral development can have in your life and in our world. We want to give guidance and support so that you can live a better life, and so that you can improve the world around you.

On our website and within our community centers, you will notice that we use the Hebrew Bible (also known as the Torah), as the baseline for determining what moral principles are universal. The Torah is the only religious book which annotates for the worldwide non-Jewish community what universal morality is, without expecting conversion and observance of a religion. Its moral principles are complementary to many scientific and philosophic discoveries, contrary to that of other religions. For this reason it provides, for those who embrace the concept of a divine Creator, the most objective and well-rounded view of morality through the lenses of a  holy book. However, we will also provide knowledge of universal morality based on observable and measurable data.

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