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Idolatry (An Overview)

What is the essence of idolatry according to the Torah? Watch on Rumble.


It Boils Down To This

Idolatry can be defined as the misuse or misunderstanding of the created world. Within the concept of God, it is widely accepted that God must be a supreme being unlike any other being that exists. This implies that anything, anyone, or any idea that is created must have a Creator; and anything, anyone, or any idea that is supreme must be superior to all others. In simple terms, if God is truly God, then God must be a limitless Creator. Although belief in God may not be considered a moral obligation, for those who do believe, it would be illogical to worship anything other than the Creator. This necessitates self-reflection and exploration of the nature of God. To gain a deeper understanding of the subject of "Idolatry," please watch the video provided below to discover the perspective of the Torah.



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