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The Moral Compass Podcast

The Moral Compass podcast, hosted by Shara Chabakji, fearlessly tackles controversial topics, aiming to solve moral dilemmas that plague our society. Through her unparalleled insights, she sheds light on the moral deficits in our modern world by examining various issues such as current events, justice systems, families, world leaders, the environment, food, sexuality, and religion. Shara addresses these thought-provoking subjects from a sometimes unconventional perspective, diving deep into the core problems and offering empowering solutions. Prepare to receive answers to tough questions as she explores the concept of religion and the "seven categories of universal morality". The podcast features conversations with everyday people and interviews with professionals, uncovering topics that others may not have the courage to discuss.

Say goodbye to divisive and anger-inducing podcasts, and welcome the solutions that "The Moral Compass" offers. Immerse yourself in this captivating, entertaining, and educational show and develop your moral compass.

The Moral Compass podcast show operates independent of TMC. TMC, Life & Moral Development, Inc. serves only as the podcast's host platform. Funding for TMC is not used to directly fund the design and production of this podcast.



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