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Ana's Virtue (Be Content)

Illustrated By: Nicole Bueso Magno

TMC 2022. All rights reserved.

Produced through TMC. ** In order to use or disseminate, credit must be attributed as follows: "TMC - The Moral Community -". Not to be used for sale purposes.

Parent Lesson: As parents, our goal is for our children to mature and achieve success in every aspect of life, including their financial well-being. Financial stability is often seen as the key to finding happiness. However, the pursuit of happiness encompasses more than what initially meets the eye. Finding contentment in all circumstances is not only the path to happiness but also the doorway that opens to it. Let's instill in our children the importance of valuing their possessions and expressing gratitude for everything they receive, regardless of whether it may be abundant or scarce. This valuable lesson will contribute to their future contentment. Adults who are content do not harbor feelings of envy or resort to stealing.

Contentment is a virtue that prevents stealing.

Summer is the time of year

When it gets warm outside.

Warm enough to take a swim

Or see the oceanside.

But where I live feels like it’s summer every single day.

My home is in Columbia.

It’s where I live and play.

I live with all my family inside our little place.

We don’t have much

But we have love,

And that I can’t replace.

My mom and dad,

My hermanito and abuela too,

We help each other every day

Because that’s what we do.

On summer break it’s very short

So we can’t travel far.

We don’t have lots of money

And we don’t have any car.

My mother goes to work to sew,

To help pay for our bills.

My father is a fisherman

Who travels through the hills.

I stay en la mi casa

And I tidy it quite well.

My abuelita also stays

To take care of Miguel.

At lunchtime when I take a break,

I use to sit and dream.

Of summer time for other kids

And what their life must be.

Did kids in California surf with dolphins in the sea?

Did kids in London, England drink a very fancy tea?

I bet that kids in India ride elephants for fun?

And kids that live in Canada have candy by the ton!

And kids that live in Russia, well they’re never, ever hot.

And kids that live in Africa see lions quite a lot.

It seems unfair that I am poor

And some kids have a yacht.

I use to think that everyone had more and I had not.

Why was I born in Medellin?

And why was I not rich?

Why couldn’t I have games and toys

Why couldn’t I just switch

I’d give a lot and so much more than everybody else.

I’d share my toys with all the poor

And help the sick get well.

And then I thought real carefully,

And realized my wrong.

My family’s purpose is to love

And learn how to be strong.

And every family in the world

Has their own special song.

I want to learn to love the home

And country where I live.

I’ll focus on the positives

And see what I can give.

I’ll give back to my family

For all the love they share.

My summers in Columbia,

Well, nothing can compare!”

Written and created by Shara Chabakji. Copyrighted 2023.

In order to use or disseminate, credit must be attributed as follows: "TMC - The Moral Community -"

Not to be used for sale purposes.

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