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Goodbye Christ's Mass

Illustrated By: Nicole Bueso Magno

TMC 2022. All rights reserved.

Produced through TMC. ** In order to use or disseminate, credit must be attributed as follows: "TMC - The Moral Community -". Not to be used for sale purposes.

Goodbye Christ's Mass is a poem for moral families who have decided not to celebrate a religious Christmas, but want to hold on to some Christmas traditions.

Parent Disclosure: If you have not yet explored the category of moral law involving the creation of gods and man-made religions, then you may find this poem too sensitive. This poem is not intended to discourage the celebration of a non-idolatrous Christmas.

Each and every winter we have long looked on to you, But we could not abide the lies,

Found in you through and through

Santa and The Evergreen,

Shepherds in the winter cold,

Reindeers, mangers, elves, and more,

All are miracles we're told

Some of us through rationale found faults you could not hide,

Some of us through study found the Torah's faithful guide,

But with our knowledge came the choice,

to keep or put aside

So out you went, just like the snow,

When Spring is back in bloom,

Each of us, our lives returned to normal,

Not too soon

But after autumn you reappeared, no lasting peace we gained,

We waited for your time to pass, but waiting was in vain,

For only in eleven months, your time would come again

What should we do, Oh Christmas,

Should we pretend you don't exist?

Your presence is our bane,

But nonetheless you still persist

Your brilliance twinkles in the night,

The stars don't seem to shine as bright,

You're strung upon the highest heights,

But alas you do not fit

Not in our world,

Not as you are,

We know too much to just ignore,

So out you'll stay, and through the door,

Will come your surrogate

For common sense and study,

Was the gift that brought us here,

So thinking we continued,

And away has gone our fear

What ownership was granted you,

Of lights and bells and things,

Should all winter festivities,

Be for your offering?

We may decorate our homes in white,

Exchanging gifts on any night,

Have festive meals, and lights so bright,

For you are not a king

The midrash of Adam has been told,

Where night was long and days were cold,

And so he thought his end foretold,

But a solstice would God bring

The darker days would fade away,

And Adam in his joy would say,

This time it too, is just the way,

The world was meant to be

A celebration he did hold,

But later myths and lies were told,

Confusing truth with gods and gold,

And captured hearts, both young and old,

Its fables would become too bold,

So truth it would set free

So exit we, you Christmas maze,

You do not own the winter days,

We'll celebrate in many ways,

And over time your name will fade,

And happy we will be.

Written and created by Shara Chabakji. Copyrighted 2021.

In order to use or disseminate, credit must be attributed as follows: "TMC - The Moral Community -"

Not to be used for sale purposes.

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