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Summer Craft - Be Content


magifying glass, mini appreciation flags, foam globe, foam globe stand


Before you start, have some fun! You may want to play catch with yourself, your parents, or siblings before starting this craft. Once the craft is made, you won't be able to play with your ball.

Step 1 - All done playing? Let's get started. Get the magnifying glass and your foam globe.

Step 2 - Where do you live in the world? Find it using your magnifying glass. Get your parents to help.

Step 3 - Grab your mini flags and a pen or marker. Some flags are for your siblings so don't forget to share. (Be careful not to poke yourself or anyone else with the pointy end of your flag).

Step 4 - On each flag, draw a picture or write in your 3 words or less, something that you are very grateful for about your country, your community, or your home. If you have permanent color markers, you can color in your picture. But it isn't necessary to color on your flag.

Step 5 - Then press the pointed end of your flag into the country where you live, on your foam globe.

Step 6 - Place your globe onto the clear plastic globe stand. You can place it in your room or home to remind you each day of the wonderful life you get to have.


Sometimes we forget to think of the good things we have. When we do that, we tend to become jealous of others and discontented. Discontented is a big word that means to be unsatisfied or ungrateful. But you were created to be exactly where you are, at least while you are still little. Even if everything in your world is not what you would dream it to be, try to be thankful and content. Contented people do not steal from others, because they learn to appreciate what they have, no matter how little or much it is. Imagine how wonderful the world could be if everyone practiced contentment! People would never steal from each other and the world would be a much safer and happier place.


• Your kit includes supplies a toothpick that may be sharp, or a choking hazard for children if used improperly. Do not leave children unattended during the assembly and use of this craft.



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