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I Am God's Dream - Children's Book Review

TMC Book Review

The author of the popular children's book "I Am God's Dream" is Matthew Paul Turner. Though he practices his own religion, in a synopsis of his book he explains that, "Kids of all faith traditions will receive in these pages the gift of empowerment, purpose, and ownership over their own faith perspective..." If your family follows the moral laws via the Torah, then within these pages you will find it comforting to know that your child or children will see the word God and be able to identify the Creator as Hashem.

TMC is a moral development service catering to all people and families; from seeking agnostics to practicing Noahides. We appreciate all of our family subscribers. Did you know that we are working on producing our own line of books for young children and teens? While you wait on those books to become available we highly recommend the book, "I Am God's Dream". This book is a source of empowerment for parents who are seeking to prevent their children from succumbing to the confusing social contagion known as "gender dysphoria". Say no to gender reassignment surgery.



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